About Us

Company History

In 1996 Olympic Collection Inc opened for business in the Seattle, Washington area and had two employees. Our company has grown and serves many well known and prestigious businesses in the medical, dental and consumer industries. Year after year, our clients have referred others to use our services. We service all types of industries.

A Commitment to Excellence

Olympic Collection, Inc. is an accomplished collection agency that has grown on the principles that all business owners can understand. We are committed to maintaining the highest level of customer service and achieving the best results for our clients in an ever-changing business environment. Our organization has built its business reputation on being efficient and conscientious.

We recognize one of our primary purposes is to collect while preserving our Client’s reputation. We do this every day.

Our clients range from small sole proprietorships to large medical centers. From retail stores to municipalities, we have the ability to increase your bottom line with a collection program tailored to fit your business needs. Our highly skilled collectors are trained to motivate consumers to honor their financial obligations to you.

We initiate legal action against debtors at our expense only after receiving written authorization from your office by means of an Assignment.

We are committed to maintaining the highest level of customer service and achieving the best results for our clients.

Our Approach

All debt portfolios are not the same. Working with an agency that puts into place the best treatment plans to garner the highest results takes expertise. OCI account recovery specialists work with each consumer in a way that allows for the collection process to be fair and equitable for all parties involved. Persistence, consistency and a firm method allow each consumer to know we are here to help remedy the situation – not make it worse.

Code of Ethics

As members of the American Collectors Association (ACA), we subscribe to the ACA collection practices code of ethics as well as a rigorous training program for our employees. The ACA has developed a continuing education program for its members to help in training employees in areas such as Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), Professional Telephone Collection Techniques and Professional Liability.

Affiliated Professional Organizations

In the collection industry it is a great advantage to be associated with other professional organizations in the field. This allows the agency to provide their clients with the best service possible. Our membership with the following companies is a testimony from us to provide you with the best service possible.

  • American Collectors Association
  • Washington Collectors Association
  • Better Business Bureau

Minority Certified

Olympic Collection Inc. is certified through the Office of Minority Women’s Business Enterprises. We are proud of this certification.