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We understand Contractor collections

Are Past Due Accounts Interfering With Running Your Business?

We specialize in helping a variety of General Contractors including Plumbing, Mold Abatement, Electrical, Restoration and other services. You can send the past due debt to us for immediate collections.

There are no upfront costs at Olympic Collection Inc. We don’t get paid unless you get paid! We work with large and small contracting businesses. We have been doing this since 1996!

Don’t have the time to chase down past due Contractor bills?

it can be very frustrating. We specialize in providing collection solutions for a wide range of contractors, including those in plumbing, electrical and remediation and restoration services..

We have, as our primary goal, to return the past due funds to you.

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How Do We Work?

Once accounts are listed, we call the consumer immediately. We try to work with the consumer to get the bill resolved or take payments. If eligible and appropriate, we can recommend legal action to get the past due account paid. Credit reporting is also done if the account is eligible for reporting.


1.   Connect
We connect with the consumer via phone call and letter to discuss the initial debt collection status.
2.   Follow up
We place reminder calls to the consumer to encourage payments.
3.   Legal
If appropriate, we will recommend legal action if no payments are made..

4.   Credit Reporting
If eligible, the account will show up as a item on the consumers credit report.