Treat Your Patients And Leave The Dental Collections Process To Us!

Revenue generation is crucial for every working dental practitioner. We understand how hard it is to deal with the patients when they receive the treatment on credit or without paying their portion of their amount owed. You can either focus on your job or pursue the patients to collect the money. Our dental collection agency services can help you with dental collections whenever you need them.

Why Choose Olympic Collection inc For Your Dental Collections?

Maintaining a healthy relationship with your patients and working on  dental collections at the same time is not easy. We respect your patients as ours and courteously send out letters and connect via phones calls to work it out. We are an extension of your office and work to preserve the relationship between you and your patient. Dental Collections has been something we have been doing since 1996 and we understand how to ethically collect these past due accounts.

How we are different

Many agencies can say they understand the patient and doctor relationship and the importance of preserving it. We truly do understand it. Our staff is trained on not just collections, but customer service. You will see it on your first call to our office. We don’t send you or your patient through a phone tree. We answer your questions and our patients questions promptly and professionally. Many times, the patient returns to your office after paying the debt in collections. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and how we approach each consumer and debt.

How we are “just right”

We approach each consumer in a manner consistent with your expectations. We collect at a reasonable contingency rate and we balance how we collect. We work out payments plans with consumers every day and we also pursue legal action (with your permission) if appropriate. The consumer is given plenty of opportunities to pay. We are the “just right” solution to your collection needs.