Healthcare Offices

Start Working With Olympic Collection Inc for your Healthcare Collections And See Money Returned to You!

You keep putting efforts into treating the patients, and we keep recovering the unpaid bills. At Olympic Collection Inc, we know how to work with healthcare collections while maintaining your reputation. Contacting the consumers, communicating emphatically, and recovering the amount is something that we’re quite skilled at. We try our best to resolve the financial matter through conversations and letters, but will start legal action with your permission.

Why Choose Olympic Collection Inc. For Your Healthcare Collections?

Ethics play a crucial role in maintaining a doctor-patient relationship, and we know how to keep both of their interests aligned with yours. We listen well. We will work with the consumer based on their ability pay. Each account is not the same. All accounts, when listed, are scrubbed through proprietary software that gives us updated information to contact the consumer. We have invested heavily in technology to locate the consumer. This allows our first call to be the most productive. Our methodologies and work processes allow all our trained collection professionals to have all the information in front of them to collect the debt.

How Do We Work?

We protect your reputation and recover the remaining debts for you. We are constantly updated on healthcare law changes including charity care updates and credit reporting updates. We are an educational resource for your office on healthcare collections and are here to help you navigate the collections process. Whether you are a small office or large healthcare facility, we have the skills and resources to collect the debt owed to you. We are not too small and not too large. This allows us to call on your debts more often than other agencies. We give your accounts importance and work them like they should be worked.

Our Methodology

At Olympic Collection Inc, we prioritize safeguarding your reputation while effectively recovering
outstanding debts. Staying abreast of healthcare law changes, including charity care updates
and credit reporting, is ingrained in our processes. Beyond debt recovery, we serve as an
educational resource for your office on healthcare collections, offering guidance to navigate the
collections process seamlessly. Regardless of your practice’s size, our skilled team and
abundant resources empower us to adeptly collect the debts owed to you. Striking the perfect
balance between being not too small and not too large, we assure that your accounts receive
the attention they deserve.