Funds Recovery for Mold/ Water/ Fire/ damage Restorations and Repairs

We do recovery of insurance money the consumer kept.

You are the owner of a high functioning restoration company and you’ve built your business from the ground up so you know exactly what it takes to run a business. It is not easy! You already might have or will come across consumers who have not paid for your service or perhaps provide no compensation at all when you rescue their property from Mold, Water, Fire damage.

There is where we at Olympic Collection Inc come in to collect your debt for you. Our collection service includes a team of professionals who are well equipped with years of expertise in the field professional debt collection.

Why Choose Us?

We recognize the fact that Mold Water and Fire Damage can cost a lot to fix. Therefore our goal is to walk you through to receiving the rightful compensation. You provided a valuable service at the time it was needed and should be paid. We will call the consumer and try to work on payments or payment in full. If the account is eligible for legal action, we will recommend that route to you. All our services are done at a reasonable contingency rate that allows you to retain funds that you thought were lost. There is no payment until we collect. We work on contingency.

How Do We Work?


Once our professional staff of collectors start calling, they will assess each account individually and work with the consumer.


We will review each file ad determine the best course of action.

Take Action:

If legal action is warranted and proper, we will recommend it. We will continue to try to work with the consumer during this process and encourage payment to resolve the det.

At Olympic Collection Inc., we believe in delivering the best collection experience for your Mold Water and Fire Restoration company because we realize how important your assets and revenue are to you. Get in touch with our team of experts today for FREE consultation!