A Debt Collection Agency for Professional Services Seattle

We Strive For Excellence And Results With Our Professional Services Collections In Seattle!

The service experts at Olympic Collection Inc. never leave it to chance when it comes to providing value for your business. We never compromise on delivering high return-oriented services to our clients. Your requirements are always our priority, and we offer tailor-made solutions that generate high returns. Whether it’s consulting services, accounting, real estate, healthcare, legal,engineering, technology, or any other industry, you name it, and we will get the job done with the best professional services collections in Seattle.

Why Choose Olympic Collection Inc. For Your Professional Services Collections in Seattle?

You can expect Professional Services Collections only from a firm with experienced individuals’ at the helm. We, at Olympic Collection Inc. are proud of our accomplishments and our team of experts.

What our Clients are saying…

Many times, we have Professional Services debt turned over to us for collections with our client saying “Anything you can do would be appreciated.” We take up that challenge!

We had one client, when we collected the debt 5 years later call us and say “I don’t remember that consumer!” They are not only surprised, but extremely happy that we did not give up!

Work with a Collection Agency that has stood the test of time and will be your long term partner!

We are local! We know this area and we understand how to approach debts and consumers in the State of Washington. We have been doing this since 1996! Debts sometimes do take a long time to collect. We will work with consumers until the Statute of Limitations expires. You worked hard and we will work hard to get the funds returned to you. We ethically and effectively collect debts each day and have done so a long time. Working with consumers is what we do and we will always try to collect every debt for you!