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Think of our staff as an extension of your own business because we offer:

Just arrange to have us collect your delinquent accounts, a ready source of income just waiting for action. The two of us can form a winning team because we care about your success and our well-trained staff is ready to work for you.

Olympic Collection, Inc. will provide the very best collection service to you by reporting bad debt to all major credit bureaus. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by enlisting our team today. Our specialized software offers the latest on-line skip tracing programs available to locate missing debtors.

We have placed service as our Number One priority. Our clients are very happy with the service that we provide and the fact that they continue to send new business to us is proof of that. Let us show you what we can do to help your business today.


Claims that are assigned should eventually be collected. Dollars collected, dollars assigned is an accurate measurement of what the agency is doing for you. Recovery rate, not commission rate is the key factor.


Recovery rate, client inventory, and account analysis.


The big task is not collection - it is finding the debtor so collection is possible. This is accomplished by contacting individuals listed in the debtor's personal history file. Collection agencies pool/gather "skiptracing" information they can use in locating debtors.

Payment Arrangements

Once the debtor is located, most debts are paid in installments of approximately 10-15% of the net income. Over 65% of all funds collected are done without legal proceedings.

Lawsuits And Garnishments

Legal proceedings are necessary but time consuming and expensive. Agencies advance all legal expenses and recover these costs from debtors. If debtors are financially able, but unwilling to pay, legal action must be taken.

Credit Reports

There are three major credit reporting services in the United States. The agency you choose should subscribe to one or more of these services. Our agency uses all three.

Pre-collection Services

Our pre-collect program offers our clients the ability to send final demand letters. We can customize this program to suit you