Services That We Offer

Each client has unique needs.

We work with you to identify your unique service requirements. We match your needs with the ideal set of services, all of which are available individually or packaged with flexible pricing options tailored to your specific needs.

Collection Services

For clients who desire a partner to collect accounts that have are uncollectable and need full collection services to be paid in full.

Third party debt collections is a heavily regulated industry. You should partner with an agency that recovers well, but also follows the FDCPA, FCRA and all other applicable laws. We have systems in place that allow the maximum recovery from those who can pay. We treat consumers with respect and our system allows us to pursue each account in the best manner possible to get you the most money.

Pre-Collection Services

Olympic Collection has a flexible pre-collect program in place to allow time for the consumer to pay at no cost to your office. This can be designed per your specific needs.


Our Client Portal is very easy to use and allows our clients to list accounts, report information to us securely and pull any report related to collections activity on accounts and shows how we are doing step by step.


The big task is not collection – it is finding the debtor so collection is possible. OCI trains its staff in finding and locating consumers. We have invested in state of the art technology to allow us to find consumers and collect from them.

Payment Arrangements

Once the debtor is located, most debts are paid in installments of approximately 10-15% of the net income. Over 65% of all funds collected are done without legal proceedings.

Lawsuits And Garnishments

Legal proceedings are necessary at times. Legal action is only taken with your approval.

Credit Reports

There are three major credit reporting services in the United States. The agency you choose should subscribe to one or more of these services. Our agency uses Equifax.