Debt Collection Agency for Towing Collections

We help with Towing Collections!

Everyone appreciates the services of tow companies and they are a vital part of our infrastructure and economy.  Tow Operators perform very important work for private individuals and the State of Washington. Whether a private tow or a Police tow, they help to keep traffic moving and keep things safe. These services may go unpaid. This is where a towing collection firm gets involved! We skip-trace and locate consumers resulting in higher collections than other agencies.

Skiptracing and locating individuals is very important here. All accounts are scrubbed through a proprietary database to locate addresses and phone numbers to make contact. This is crucial to the process and something Olympic Collection Inc has mastered.

Why Choose Olympic Collection Inc. For Your Towing Collections?

With the regulations and time constraints placed on private towing companies,  you need professional towing collection experts to deal with the remaining debts. Initially, we contact the owners and send them a letter. We can start legal action on accounts if necessary. Choosing Olympic Collection Inc. as your towing collection company, you will instantly feel the difference as to what we have to offer.