Veterinary Offices Collections – big or small pets – it makes no difference to us!

It’s a frustration shared by many vets: the pet owner is unwilling to pay you after you helped when it was most needed.. Your front desk staff are trying their best to collect unpaid veterinary bills, but that’s not the job they were trained for. You need a team that specializes in veterinary debt collection. We have done this since 1996.

We collect any size debt and our recovery is double the national average – all at a hard to beat contingency collections rate! We don’t get paid until we collect

Many agencies pay no attention to smaller debts. We do! We are a local Seattle based agency that is familiar with the rules and laws of Washington State and we know how to collect in this area. A local collection agency is much better at getting your office results compared to an out of State agency. Whether it is collections by phone or legal collections, we will do it ethically and effectively!

We always keep in mind the relationship you have with your consumer

Many offices are surprised that, after we collect the debt, the pet owner returns to your office for more services. We strive to preserve the relationship and do so every day!

Superior Client Portal

With our advanced client portal, you can easily track our collection efforts. Send new accounts for collection, view payment activity, download custom reports, and more — any time!

Get affordable veterinary and debt collection solutions!

Partnering with Olympic Collections Inc. means gaining a dedicated ally in pursuing your financial objectives. Our team will work tirelessly to recover your outstanding debts, allowing you to focus on your core business activities. With our exceptional track record and relentless commitment to excellence, you can trust us to deliver results that exceed your expectations.

Contact Olympic Collections Inc. today and let us help you recover what’s rightfully yours. Together, we’ll turn outstanding debts into positive financial outcomes.